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Holbrook City Police report

      The Holbrook Police Department received 102 reports during the period of May 15-21.

      During that time officers responded to 15 suspicious activities, 11 citizens assists, eight disorderly conduct incidents, seven 911 hang ups, five civil matter incidents, four each of information requests, intoxicated persons, juvenile problems and trespassing incidents, three each of medical assists, animal problems, incidents not classified, traffic collisions and welfare checks, two each of abandoned vehicles, lost or found property incidents, threatening and intimidating incidents, shoplifting incidents, and warrants, and one each of alarm, agency assists, court order, dead body, use of a controlled substance, fire, fingerprinting, littering/pollution problem, message delivered, parking problem, robbery, traffic offense, theft and utility problem.

      The following persons were cited, charged or arrested by Holbrook police officers recently. These persons are accused of committing criminal activity, but such accusations should raise no inference of guilt.

      Wednesday, May 15: Leroy David Ansaldo, 52, disorderly conduct and two counts of threatening and intimidating.

      Thursday, May 16: Franklin Willie, 48, threatening and intimidating/domestic violence; and Kensley Kabinto, 28, resisting arrest and two counts of aggravated assault.

      Friday, May 17: None listed.

      Saturday, May 18: Ernestine Smith, 53, violation of a court order and a warrant; Paul Shaw, 61, a warrant; and Roger Greymountain, 64, a warrant.

      Sunday, May 19: Julia A Hoskie, 55, two counts of DUI.

      Monday, May 20: Lilliam Amber Kabinto, 19, underage drinking and a warrant.

            Tuesday, May 21: Garrison John, 31, a warrant; Colton Catron, 19, a warrant; and Robert Jake, 21, a w

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