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Holbrook Arrests Nov. 22-28, 2023

The Holbrook Police Department received 53 reports during the period of Nov. 22-28.

During that time officers responded to  eight 911 hang ups, seven citizen assists, five assaults, three each of alarms, incidents not classified and suspicious activities, two each of animal problems, alcohol offenses, disorderly conduct incidents, domestic violence incidents, criminal damage incidents and welfare checks, and one each of assault, citizen dispute, harassment, information request, intoxicated person, juvenile problem, lost or found property, message delivered, traffic collision, threatening and intimidating, trespassing and theft.

The following persons were cited, charged or arrested by Holbrook police officers recently. These persons are accused of committing criminal activity, but such accusations should raise no inference of guilt.

Wednesday, Nov. 22: Michael Byjoe, 21, assault and disorderly conduct/domestic violence; and Tatum Willie, 25, assault, disorderly conduct and domestic violence.

Thursday, Nov. 23: Calvin Jay Wilson, 37, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct/domestic violence and aggravated assault; and Diana Portee, 25, disorderly conduct.

Friday, Nov. 24: None listed.

Saturday, Nov. 25: Kalub Trujillo, 20, underage drinking; Jace Keams, 20, underage drinking; Dominick Damper, 20, underage drinking; Orlando Yazzie, 46, assault/domestic violence and disorderly conduct/domestic violence; Kemar Leamu, 38, theft; and Reuben Wauneka, 29, disorderly conduct/domestic violence, threatening and intimidating/domestic violence and aggravated domestic violence.

Sunday, Nov. 26: Edward Hamlin, 36, a warrant, two counts each of disorderly conduct and aggravated assault, and three counts of threatening and intimidating.

Monday, Nov. 27: Randy Livingston, 38, unlawful flight from a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, escape, refusal to provide truthful name, hit and run, criminal damage, aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated DUI.

Tuesday, Nov. 28: Joshua James, 37, disorderly conduct/domestic violence, threatening and intimidating, and aggravated assault; Balam Angel Angeles, 39, an open container violation; and Calandra Taha, 41, DUI, hit and run, and an open container violation.

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